As promised...

posted 24 Feb 2016, 14:58 by Tom Edwards
As I promised earlier this week, here are several more pieces of work as I endeavour to catch up with my website - there are many more to come! Two of these paintings mention The Gidley Arms - a lovely place from my younger days while working in South Moulton in Devon. The very latest is Welcome My Dears to The Gidley Arms - inspired by a recent chat with a lovely lady who now owns what was once the pub and is researching its history. The happy memories of the pub, the people who ran it and the lovely warm atmosphere of working men enjoying a quiet pint at the end of the day has been an inspiration for a number of my paintings over the years. 
Welcome Home

Dancing Our Cares Away

Love Me, Love My Dog

You Can Tell Us Anything

Dancing Home From The Gidley Arms

Welcome My Dears to The Gidley Arms